RIO 2016: Switzerland House = the Best House

Switzerland House 2

So as the story goes Holland House is supposed to be the most legendary house at the Olympics, we tried to visit Holland House after being blown away by Switzerland House. However, tickets were ridiculously expensive and it just didn’t seem worth it to go during the day, however for a party it would probably make sense to go.

The Rio 2016 Holland House, had a massive bar, a pool, deck chairs and apparently a legendary nightlife, so you can understand why it had such a good reputation. However, as mentioned, we tried to visit Holland House after being blown away by Switzerland house and actually in the end we didn’t do it because we thought Switzerland house was way better and to top it off it was free entry!

Check out my walking tour of Switzerland House below to see exactly what made it so excellent:

NB: Switzerland House was the only house we actually managed to visit due to all the sightseeing we prioritised instead, however from the reviews we read and from what we heard from other winners it really was the house with the most on offer.

Have you been to the Olympics? What’s the best house you’ve visited?

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