I won an….ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO THE RIO OLYMPICS with £2000 spending money!!!!


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If you’re reading this as soon as it’s gone live then I am currently at the Airport waiting to board our flight to Rio for the Olympics with my older brother and I’m assuming somewhere around here are all of the other respective competition winners!


So now you’re probably wondering how I won the trip. Okay, well let me clarify my… Earlier this year I had been buying ‘The Sun’ newspaper quite often in order to collect the tokens required to enter the competitions to “Win a Caravan’ or “Win £50,000 cash”. The competition required you to collect a certain number of the tokens that would be printed in the newspaper each day and then to send them off along with the completed entry-form.

If you look at the back of the newspaper there’s a code that will give you a day’s free access to the ‘Sun Perks’ website. The website has exclusive members only competitions and loads of freebies and discounts for various things such as cinema tickets or Pizza Express respectively.

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If you buy 15 codes within a month you get a free month’s access. As I had bought the paper so often I had a month’s free access to the site and I checked it regularly to see all the new competitions that were posted. One day I was browsing the site and I came across the Rio competition, it was in partnership with Camelot who do The National Lottery and to enter you had to purchase a ticket, type in the code from the ticket on the website and keep the ticket. The competition ran for a month from the 15th April until the 15th May.

NB: The Sun perks website is closing on the 31st August and codes can no longer be added to the website.

Ironically, as with Hong Kong, I found out I’d won this trip right before I was about to walk into a French exam. It was 09:23 on the 18th May and my exam started at 09:30, I went into my bag to turn my phone off before my exam started. As I went to do that I saw a missed call from a private number along with a voicemail… Now as a comper my instant reaction was to get cautiously excited as I knew the call could be about a prize I’d won, what that could be I didn’t know yet. Bearing that in mind, I figured that I should probably listen to the message after my exam, so if it was a win it wouldn’t distract me.

However… The impatient side of my brain chose to ignore the reasonable side and I went ahead and listened to the message. It was a lady’s voice, she said that she was calling from ‘The Sun’ newspaper and that it ‘was regarding a recent competition’ that I’d entered and please could I ‘call back urgently’. Now upon hearing this the first thing that crossed my mind was that I could potentially have won a caravan, as that was the most recent Sun competition that I could remember entering, and that in itself would have been surreal and amazing.

However as it turns out I called back and Lisa stated that it was regarding the Rio competition and that I’d entered and won!!!!


So what had I actually won?I’ve won an all-expenses paid trip to the Olympics, including:

  • Return Flights with British Airways
  • 6 nights at a 4* hotel 
  • £2000 spending money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5 Pairs of tickets to the Games

Upon finding this out I started screaming and shaking, shouting out “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?” . After this sporadic outburst all the other students patiently waiting to sit their exam promptly turned and looked at me like I was crazy. I just looked at them and smiled, a nice big grin, and told a couple of my friends standing next to me who were also about to sit the exam. After that I did my best to put the exciting news to the back of my mind and went in and sat the long-awaited and frankly quite scary two-hour exam.  Luckily I passed which was just as well.

I’ve actually always wanted to go to the Olympics, I tried to get tickets to the London 2012 Olympics but they sold out so quickly.

So what events are we actually going to?

We’re going to see the:

  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Athletics x 2 – I think it’s the finals
  • and the Rowing

I’m super excited, especially for the Athletics and the Rowing as those are two of my favourite sports to watch on TV during the Olympics

And it turns out that Camelot partnered up with loads of other partners such as Capital FM, Heart FM etc to give away the exact same prize and so far as I’m aware there are least 3 other winners who’ll well probably meet with their plus 1 soon!

Have you won a once-in-a-lifetime prize, if so where? If you haven’t where would you like to win one? Let me know in the comments below!



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