How We Comped Our Way To the Olympics (Part 2)

This is part 2 in the series ‘How We Comped Our Way to the Olympics’ read part one now.

Meet Annette


This was the view from the top of our hotel. P.S. I’m not bow-legged my Harem pants are just baggy and I’m skinny.

Annette won the competition through Capital FM (Capital run great competitions, I won my holiday to Hong Kong  from them back in March!)  after seeing the competition on their website. Annette was also in disbelief after finding out she’d won. Similarly to Helen (featured in part 1)  Annette wanted to bring her young daughter along on the prize, and so Annette asked Camelot if they could make an exception for her daughter to come along. In comparison to Helen’s query, Camelot once again said yes and so this also goes to show that prize providers are more than willing to cater to your needs and make exceptions here and there.

NB: Annette IS a comper, she took up comping in October 2015 and since then her big wins include this trip and return flights to Fuerteventura (some other  prize winners were not compers but instead had literally just entered this one competition and got lucky).

Meet Rory.


Myself and Rory both won the prize through The Sun Perks website. However, whereas Rory won the prize back in March, I found out I’d won the prize in May. Essentially, as we later found out, it turned out ‘The Sun Perks’ ran the same competition at least 5-6 times starting from last year (one of the winners on the trip won the prize in May of last year!)

NB: Rory IS a comper who enters competitions here and there.

So… how can you comp your way to the next Olympics? You can do that by searching for phrases such as “Win a trip to Tokyo 2020”. You can also follow ‘The National Lottery’ social media accounts as they obviously sponsor Team GB and so are likely to run more competitions in the run up to Tokyo. Finally, you can join a competition forum such as MSE or Loquax as they users will be likely to post Olympics competitions that they find on there.


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