So what have I been up to? Trip to Hong Kong, thanks to Capital FM!


So first off sorry that this blog is long overdue, I’ve been super busy lately working and doing other things and just didn’t have the time to sit down and write this properly. Also, I was trying to upload the blog along with the vlog to go with it, that I filmed whilst we there but I’ve had a lot of space issues with my laptop recently and wasn’t able to put the full video together properly. Therefore I’ve just decided to release the blog for now and might release the vlog in the future.

So as you’ll know, back in March I won an all-expenses paid trip to Hong Kong from the Capital FM #kungfuface competition that was intended to promote the release of Kung Fu Panda 3. The prize included return economy flights from London to Hong Kong with British Airways, 4 nights at the 4* Cosmpolitan hotel in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and also £1000 spending money.

Capital FM screenshot

Upon winning the prize, I was delighted, as Hong Kong was at the top of my bucket list and I’d also never been to Asia before and so I figured that we could ask the tour operator if they could book our flights two-weeks apart so we could travel around Asia beforehand (paying for the extras ourselves) and then end the Holiday in Hong Kong. So that’s what we did, we spent our first couple days in Singapore visiting one of my friends who was doing a year abroad there, we then did a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia before flying on to Langkawi – one of Malaysia’s biggest Islands and we then flew on to Guangzhou to visit our cousins who were living out there before finally ending the trip in Hong Kong. (You can find some photos from the trips prior to Hong Kong on my personal Instagram – chloetbingham – I haven’t posted them on here because I didn’t win those trips).

So what did we actually get up to in Hong Kong?

Day 1 – 31st May – Arrival at hotel

We arrived at the hotel quite late and so we literally just went straight to bed.


The Actual Hotel:


We were staying at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Causeway Bay, which is a 4* hotel. In actual fact, I think the hotel is only worth 3 1/4 *’s, it’s a nice enough hotel however the main entrance is via a car park and also the ‘buffet breakfast’ was absolutely terrible. Our rooms, however ,were quite nice luckily. The hotel also had a phone with wi-fi for guests to use during there stay!



Day 2: 1st June – Granville Road & One Dim Sum Restaurant

I really wanted to go shopping as I really like Chinese fashion trends and so I wanted to find a nice boutique mall and go and have some retail therapy. After researching a few places I came across a place called Granville Road, which is essentially a road full of boutique reasonable priced clothes shops and also a boutique mall called GS-quare. We went to Granville Road and we both made quite a few purchases; we spent ages in G-Square as there were just so many lovely shops.

After spending the day shopping we were officially knackered and so decided that we’d decide where to have dinner. We ended up going to One Dim Sum, a supposedly “Michelin Starred” Dim-Sum restaurant. I’d never had Dim Sum before and I was quite excited to try it. Long story short we weren’t very impressed with the restaurant and I wouldn’t recommend it and also it turns out it didn’t really have a Michelin Star after all…

Day 3: 2nd June – Hong Kong Botanical Gardens and Victoria Harbour Dinner Cruise

The Botanical Gardens:

On this day we decided to spend the morning visiting the botanical gardens and then spend the evening on the Victoria Harbour Dinner Cruise. The cruise included a 1 hour tour of the Harbour before we arrived at the Bubba Gump Restaurant named after the famous film Forest Gump and of which the interior is designed after the film, we then spent another hour on the cruise before departing and getting a bus to the Temple Street Night Market – one of Hong Kong’s most famous street markets that sells everything from Handbags and watches to China sets. As the tour was running late we only got to spend 30 minutes at the market, however I still managed to make a few purchases.

The Dinner Cruise:


Temple Street Night Market – I don’t actually have a photo of the night market as I was too busy shopping to remember to take a photo, so here’s one from wikipedia instead:

Temple Street Night Market


Overall, I’d highly recommend the cruise, it was a blast.

Day 4: 3rd June – Nan Lian Garden, … shopping centre, and Golden Leaf Michellin Starred Restaurant

My sister really wanted to visit a traditional Chinese teahouse and so we decided to visit Nan Lian Garden, a beautiful garden that totally makes you forget about the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city. We visited the tea house and had our tea, it was lovely, but extremely expensive – and each customer had to purchase at least one pot of tea – I had an oolong tea (I can’t remember the exact name) and it cost me £26!!! The most expensive drink I’ve ever had in my life. Now at this point, you’re probably expecting me to state how it was delicious, refreshing and how it caused me some sort of enlightenment due to all the nutritious benefits it offered. Well to be frank, it didn’t cause me any enlightenment, there were no nutritious benefits, it was just a really expensive pot of tea that tasted like Tetley, but oh well, when in Hong Kong right? And my sister was happy she got to visit the Garden, even if it was a disappointment.

After visiting the Garden we decided to visit the ‘Jetco – Plaza Hollywood’ shopping mall, which is essentially just a big shopping mall that isn’t as good as Westfield.

In the evening, we once again decided that we were determined to dine at a Michelin Starred restaurant and so we decided to go to the Golden Leaf Restaurant at the Conrad Hotel. The food was absolutely scrumptious, I had a dish that contained lamb with nuts and rice, and the portions were massive. I’d highly recommend it and also I’ve now ticked dining at Michelin star restaurant off my bucket list. #winning

Day 5: 4th June – Lantau Island and Ozone Bar at The Ritz

On this day we decided to visit Lantau Island, the largest of Hong Kong’s islands, which is famous for having a 934m high peak reached by over 200 steps and at the top of which there is a massive Buddha statue. The Island is also home to the Po Lin Monastery and the ‘Ngong Ping 360’ cable car that allows you to have panoramic views of the island. We planned on going on the cable car, but on the day we went there was a storm unfortunately.

In the evening we decided to visit the ‘Ozone Bar’ at the Ritz Carlton hotel, which is the highest bar in the world. My sister’s friend is from Hong Kong and he highly recommended it. The bar itself was lovely and the views are indeed amazing, however we were seated inside, as the outside tables were all reserved or taken, (we weren’t informed that there might not be outside availability when making the reservation) which kind of defeated the purpose of our visit. If you’re planning on visiting Hong Kong, I would definitely recommend the bar, but make sure to confirm that you will be seated outside.


Day 6 – 5th June – Stanley Island Street Market

This was our final day in Hong Kong and our flight home wasn’t until 23:45 and so once again we decided to go shopping, as you can never do too much shopping! Like Temple Street, the Stanley Island street market is also famous, however to be honest I really didn’t make much of it, I just didn’t think any of the shops were selling anything that was remotely purchase worthy and therefore I wouldn’t recommend it. As for the Island itself, it’s beautiful, it’s literally on the sea front and there are loads of beachfront restaurants to have lunch at, we had lunch at this lovely pub. The views from the Island kind of reminded me of Montenegro and that’s one of my favourite countries in the world.

So that was our trip to Hong Kong, have you been what did you get up to/ think of it? Have you won a trip abroad recently or is there somewhere you’d like to go? Let me know in the comments below!





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