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On the 24th March I was informed that I’d won the People Make Glasgow (@PeopleMakeGla) twitter competition of a ‘Steak Experience‘ at the newly opened Miller and Carter restaurant in Glasgow town centre. I was delighted to have won this as, as a foodie I love winning meals out and also I can’t really justify too many meals out, especially at Restaurants of Miller and Carter’s calibre on a student budget.


The prize consisted of any two starters, a Long Bone Tomahawk 30OZ stake to share, served with with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of onion loaf and balsamic glazed beef tomato, along with a choice of lettuce wedge and steak sauce and a bottle of Vina Pinto Merlot.


We redeemed the prize yesterday as a kind of celebratory meal to celebrate completing our first exams and also to celebrate getting our flat for second year! I can definitely say it was an experience! Upon arrival I was congratulated on winning the meal and then we were shown to our table. I opted for the Hand Made Duck & Sweet Chilli Roll served with a plum dressed slaw and roasted seeds to start, whereas my friend opted for the Dusted Calamari served with homemade garlic and chive mayonnaise. We both really enjoyed our starters my duck rolls were delicious, duck and sweet chilli sauce are two of my favourite things and put together it really was heaven in my mouth! However, I did wish there were more than two rolls; my friend also declared that his dusted calamari was some of the best he’d ever had.image


Next was the big anticipated event… our main, the 30OZ Long Bone Tomahawk. I can definitely say that it lived up to our expectations, it was so good. Also, my honey and bacon mustard sauce did just the trick in terms of bringing out the added flavour. I reluctantly agreed to have the steak medium well-done as a compromise between my friend’s preference for bloody steak and I quote ‘I like the blood to be dripping’ (eurgh!) and my preference for well-done steak (mmm!). Luckily the steak was still quite well done and was still reasonably chewy. The majority of the sides were also scrumptious – we opted for sweet potato fries, which were delicious, in addition to the standard side of seasoned fries, which were also really good, the onion loaf, which was very nice but I didn’t eat much of because there was already so much on my plate and finally the lettuce wedge, which actually, I didn’t think much of. Moreover, the bottle of Merlot really topped off the meal, I’m actually more of white-wine drinker,usually opting for Prosecco, but I actually really liked it, however it did go to my head a lot quicker than Prosecco does, haha.


Overall, we really enjoyed the meal and would just like to say thanks to Miller & Carter for their courteous service and also to our waiter, Waheed, who was very pleasant and finally also to the People Make Glasgow team who I won the prize from in the first place. Have you won any meals out, if so where? Where would you love to win a meal out?

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