So what have I been up to? Junk Kouture Fashion Show, Scottish Final review


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Last week Friday I was fortunate enough to win a pair of tickets to the Scottish final of the Junk Kouture fashion show taking place at the Royal Concert Hall.

” Junk Kouture is a national contest which encourages young designers in second level education to create striking couture designs and impressive works of wearable art from everyday junk that would normally find its way into the bin. Junk Kouture aims to inspire and ignite passion in these teenagers while at the same time subtly educating them about the importance of recycling and reusing waste. Over the last five years, Junk Kouture has established itself as the premier recycled fashion competition for teenagers throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. ”


The show was amazing, it was a brilliant atmosphere with everyone really excited to be there to see first-hand the awesome designs the finalists had created.  There were some incredible designs that actually took my breath away and I have no doubt that some of the feature designers will go on to have extremely successful fashion careers in the future. The performance by Irish boy band, Hometown, was also really good.

What I also loved about the show was the message behind it, yes it was a fashion competition, but it’s different in the fact that it’s a recycled fashion competition. Therefore it teaches all of the contestants about the importance of recycling in order to protect the environment and I have no doubt that they will implement all of the skills they’ve learnt in their everyday lives from now on, which is brilliant.


Check out some of my favourite designs from the show in the album below and make sure to scroll down all the way through to see the very well-deserved winner – Reborn, an incredibly striking design inspired by the idea of a Phoenix being reborn from the ashes.

I loved the show and would just like to say a big congratulations to all the talented finalists for making it that far and also to Buchanan Galleries for our tickets!









    • February 14, 2016 / 11:21 am

      It was indeed, and as you can in the pictures the outfits were incredible, some of them took my breath away!

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